SVEB/EUROLTA Certificates

People wishing to teach adults in Switzerland are well advised to have the SVEB qualification as course leader. It is recognised throughout Switzerland and is regarded as the starting point for teachers wanting to teach adults (SVEB = Swiss Association for Further Education).

SVEB modules for language and course instructors

At Flying Teachers, you may obtain the SVEB certificate in various ways:

  1. Are you looking for training in the area of adult education?
  2. Would you like to teach German or foreign languages?
  3. Or teach German in the area of integration?

At Flying Teachers you can acquire the SVEB certificate with a focus on language teaching.

Flying Teachers is recognised by SVEB as an institution of further education. The SVEB certificate is presented to you after completing the course and performing at least 150 hours of practical teaching in two years.

Brochure SVEB / EUROLTA / fide

Teacher Education & Training Brochure

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Form for the proof of practice with Flying Teachers
Here you can download the SVEB form "Proof of practice".

  • Only with us: In our SVEB / EUROLTA certificate as a Course Instructor (languages) you teach lessons accompanied by an expert
  • You get more knowledge for your money. In our SVEB / EUROLTA certificate (languages) course, you will attend 113 lessons in 18 days. You can lead courses in your specialist area (all industries and languages)
  • Only with us: Gain teaching experience. As part of SVEB training, we offer accompanied and paid teaching internships so that you can put theory into practice
  • SVEB in the age of digitization: SVEB / EUROLTA Course Instructor certificate (languages) in blended learning settings (online and face-to-face teaching)
  • NEW: SVEB Module 3: support individual learning processes

Only with us: for language course teachers!

  • Did you know ? Flying Teachers is also a Fide-recognised training institution and offers the following Fide courses:
    • SVEB certificate course leader DaF / DaZ in the integration area
    • Fide module SBU (scenario-based teaching)
    • Fide module MI (migration and interculturality)
  • Save money! If you complete 2 modules with Flying Teachers, you will receive a 10% discount
  • We are present throughout Switzerland!

Overview of courses offered by SVEB and Fide & glossary (DE)

AdA system image (DE)

SVEB / EUROLTA certificate Course Instructor in Languages

Focus: teaching foreign languages

This extended module “Carrying out Learning Events with Adults” (AdA FA-M1) focuses on didactics for foreign language teaching. The course is aimed at teachers of DaF / DaZ as well as English, French, Italian and Spanish as foreign languages.

Only with Flying Teachers: You teach 2 to 4 accompanied practice lessons "German as a Foreign Language" and can thus immediately implement, try out and practice what you have learned. You will be observed, and you will receive feedback from your colleagues and your course leader - practical relevance from the first minute!

As part of the course, you can acquire the EUROLTA certificate and thus teach foreign languages ​​worldwide.

Completing this course with a EUROLTA certificate is equivalent to the Fide modules BAE (educational work with adults) and FZD (foreign and second language didactics). Together with the MI (migration and interculturality) and SBU (scenario-based teaching) modules, it leads to the fide certificate “Language Course Leader in the area of I​integration”.

Scope: 18 course days with a total of 113 lessons of 60 minutes each: CHF 3450

Bridge course from CELTA to SVEB

Do you already have a Celta certificate?

This two-day bridging course enables you to have your diploma recognized by the Swiss Association for Continuing Education (SVEB). You acquire the SVEB Course Instructor certificate and can use it to teach adults throughout Switzerland.

Course content:

  • Development and dynamics of groups; Behavior of learners; Swiss education system 12 hours of attendance
  • Work assignments (approx. 20 hours for processing four written tasks, a total of 4,000 words)

Scope: 2 course days with a total of 32 lessons of 60 minutes each: CHF 710

EUROLTA is an internationally recognized certificate for language teachers in adult education. The certificate confirms that you have a high professional level of methodological and didactic competence in modern language teaching.

You can obtain the EUROLTA certificate from Flying Teachers with the following courses:

SVEB / EUROLTA certificate Course Instructor for Language Course Instructors

SVEB / EUROLTA certificate Course Instructor for Language Course Instructors: In this course you can acquire the SVEB and EUROLTA certificates.

EUROLTA Bridging Course

Do not miss! A EUROLTA certificate proves that your competence as a teacher corresponds to European standards.

This course enables trainers who already hold the SVEB Course Instructor certificate to acquire the internationally recognized EUROLTA certificate.

Course content:

  • Participation in the module "Foreign Language Didactics" as part of the SVEB / EUROLTA course with accompanied practice lessons
  • 51 hours of attendance
  • Work requirement (approx. 150 hours of self-study): Write four tasks, one of which is group work. Methodical and didactic work with practical relevance.
  • Planning and evaluation of a self-held teaching unit.

Scope: A total of 51 lessons of 60 minutes each: CHF 1,800

Teaching internship in one of the leading training centers for language course leaders in Switzerland.

Flying Teachers has been training English teachers since 2001 and language course instructors for German, French, Italian and Spanish since 2006.

In addition to theoretical training (SVEB certificate Course Instructor), we offer regular internships at our training centers in Bern and Zurich.

Who is the internship aimed at?

  1. Prospective teachers without previous experience and theoretical training
  2. Trained teachers with no experience
  3. Experienced teachers who would like to complete practice-oriented further training
  4. Teachers who want an introduction to e-learning

Our range:

  • You lead a four to six-week language course with adults using provided lesson plans.
  • You will get to know the variety of tasks of a language teacher.
  • You deepen, expand and consolidate the skills that are important for language teachers.
  • You take on management responsibility and work in a consciously designed and adult fair relationship with the learners
  • You learn to structure the lessons taking into account didactic requirements.
  • You teach daily (or 2 to 3 times a week) either from 8.30 am to 11.00 am, 11.15 am to 1.45 pm, 2.00 pm to 4.30 pm or 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm The courses take place monthly.

We offer the following support:

We advise you on how to cope with the tasks and provide lesson plans, teaching aids, materials and personal know-how.

Together with your tutor, you will analyze the status of your professional skills during a class visit and develop them further.

You also benefit from the following:

  • A detailed internship report is issued at the end of the training.
  • And last but not least, you will also receive an internship salary.


- I am very grateful for the chance to practice with Flying Teachers, you learn a lot through the visit reports and the experience in the class.
- I always use the tips in class and thank you for the great support. For me, success means being able to learn every day.

- Intern, practical training according to SVEB / EUROLTA course Head of Languages, August 2021

We are happy to provide you with further details and information:
Tel: 044 350 33 44