German for workplace integration

Course description:

The courses are held for adults with a regulated residence status in the city of Zurich.

This offer is aimed primarily at people who are not used to learning and who are striving to integrate into the world of work. You were educated a long time ago or only lasted a few years. Most of you have modest professional qualifications or qualifications that are not recognized in Switzerland. Above all, your limited knowledge of German prevents you from taking up employment.

Course content:

  • Linguistic assessment and promotion of language skills for the job market
  • Determination of the current situation regarding the basic skills relevant in the world of work
  • Requirements, values ​​and attitudes in the world of work
  • Basic knowledge of information and communication technologies
  • Industry and professional knowledge
  • Job search in Switzerland (advertisement search and analysis)
  • Application techniques and strategy
  • Individual training of introductory situations with video feedback


Course goal:

Expats sometimes struggle to find work. Our German course helps foreigners in Zurich with applications and the workplace.



The course focuses on topics that are relevant for successful integration into the job world. The self-efficacy of migrants is promoted through contact, targeted information and language skills development. The focus is on strengthening self-confidence, personal responsibility and the individual's ability to integrate. By conveying work-related topics, the participants are made fit for the job market and for subsequent work.


Language level:

The participants already have basic knowledge of the German language. The course level at the beginning of the course corresponds to A2.2-B1.1.


Target groups:

These are unemployed people who are looking for a job and should be given language support in their efforts. The course is in particular aimed at people who are disadvantaged in the labor market. These are, for example, people with little experience in learning, with poor or unrecognized professional qualifications in Switzerland and at the same time insufficient knowledge of German.


13.09.2022 - 09.02.2023
Course location
Tuesday, Thursday
17:30 - 20:15
Amount of lessons
Duration of lesson
Min. participants
Max. participants
CHF 540.00