Course type and languages offered

Would you like to learn a foreign language? That’s great! But which is the right type of course for you? Only you know the exact target, personal wishes and resources. Select the course that suits your requirements and possibilities. Entering professional life, obtaining an international language certificate, obtaining Swiss citizenship, language for travelling, only in the evening, online if possible. Tell us what you are looking for and we will find the ideal course for you!

Learning a language expands your horizons! In a classic language course, you will be working on all four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. You will learn a language from the bottom up in a group. You will practise with specially prepared materials, along with examples in day-to-day situations and from literature. You will discuss, work in small groups, in pairs and individually. You may choose the number of lessons per week you wish to attend depending on how quickly you wish to move forward.

Does the emphasis for you lie on having an internationally recognised examination certificate at the end of your course? In this case, our examination preparatory courses are just the thing for you. The selected course will prepare you for the requirements needed to pass your examination. Most examinations can be taken at Flying Teachers, as we are a recognised examination centre for many examining bodies.

In a discussion or conversation, finding the right word at the right moment requires practice. The aim of our conversation courses is to enable you to express yourself freely and fluently. The courses follow a clearly structured course plan. The group follows a course book and/or tailored material prepared by Flying Teachers.

Do you need to improve your language skills for your career? In our foreign language courses tailored towards the needs of the business world, you will practise your new language skills in typical business situations, and along with the language’s standard vocabulary also master the business vocabulary required to be competent in your profession. As with all our courses, business courses are structured according to the principles of Integrated Learning.

At Flying Teachers, you have a choice of learning at least 28 different languages:

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Turkish
  • Swedish
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • Dutch
  • Russian
  • Croatian
  • Serbian
  • Polish
  • Czech
  • Hungarian
  • Romanian
  • Bulgarian
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Thai
  • Latvian
  • Norwegian

Would you rather learn individually, or do our course times not suit your personal timetable? In this case, just get in contact with us and we will find a solution entirely in line with your specific situation. We will be happy to put together a personal, tailored course programme. Our teacher will «fly» to you and teach you wherever it suits you best, whether at home, in your office, in one of our city-centre schools or en route to wherever you are going.

Wherever you happen to be, an internet connection enables you to have your lessons whenever it suits you. A teacher located somewhere in «cyberspace» will converse with you, deal with questions concerning grammar and vocabulary, and go through exercises. Documents are sent and received via email or our learning platform. Our Skype offer is available for persons wishing to study English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

You may also learn a language with your own group of friends or colleagues! Our Flying Teacher will «fly» to groups of three or more participants wherever you wish to be taught. Get in contact with us and let us provide you with information on what possibilities we can offer you.

  • The teacher Maha was always ready to help us. She was careful about us.
  • I really enjoyed the experience of the course and it's intensity. As well the pace of the course.
  • The teacher was fantastic and she spoke only German so we really had to pay attention. If someone really did not understand her she also could explain in English. I was very happy with the course.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Mai 2019; Niveau A1/2, Maha Bashir

Claudia is an exceptional teacher. She is always very well prepared for the classes which have a great flow. The exercises she provides are pertinent, fun and really help us in learning and absorbing. She takes effort to coach individual students in problems, yet manages our large class very well. I was in two different schools in Zürich before and I have decided to stay at Flying Teachers thanks to her exceptional teaching.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Mai 2019; Niveau A2/2, Claudia Balde

I liked Nadine’s classes very much. She is very patient and explains very well. The classes are very structured and very good organized.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Mai 2019; Niveau B1/1, Nadine Villiger

I loved this course. Nadine is a great teacher , she explains everything in a very clear manner and always corrects my mistakes. It was really a pleasure to study with her.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Mai 2019; Niveau B1/3, Nadine Villiger

The teacher was very intrested in our learning process. She always offers to help and tools so we could understand everything. I am very happy with her.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Mai 2019; Niveau A1/1, Madeleine Hümbelin

  • Alles gut, Best teacher ever
  • My teacher was awesome. I enjoyed every minute
  • The teacher was fantastic, explained everything very well
  • Our teacher Hesat was amazing and incredibly good, I feel my German improved a lot.
  • The teacher was the best teacher I have ever had so far

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, April 2019; Niveau A2/2, Hesat Selami

I like the course structure and it was in right pace for me. I really enjoyed the course.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Mai 2019; Niveau B1/1, Alexandre Arcaro

Numerous additional sheets with grammar are very helpful.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Mai 2019; Niveau A2/2, Michelle Köppel

Nice teacher, nice participants, classes had a positive vibe. There was always room for questions.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Mai 2019; Niveau B1/1, Marcus Birnstiel

  • Die Lehrerin war immer geduldig und verständnisvoll. Die Gruppe hat gut zusammengearbeitet
  • Die Lehrerin ist sehr nett und erklärt alles perfekt
  • Barbara ist sehr motivierend. In der Klasse haben wir so viel Gespräche gemacht, das finde ich sehr wichtig. Wir lieben sie!
  • Barbara ist sehr klar in ihren Lektionen und immer bereit zu wiederholen, falls etwas nicht klar ist

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Oktober 2019; Niveau B1/1, Barbara von Holzen

  • Unser Lehrer und die Art wie er unsere Zweifel löst.
  • It is easy to understand. The book is clear and easy to follow.
  • Everything was good, easy to understand. The teacher goes by a good pace and he is helpful and explains very well

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Oktober 2019; Niveau A2/2, Hesat Selami

  • The teacher shows interest in our learning
  • I liked the lessons, they were very interactive
  • Teachers way of teaching. She explained so well.
  • Great atmosphere within the classroom which made me learning easy.
  • I especially liked the teacher’s way of teaching. Excellent professional

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Oktober 2019; Niveau A1/1, Inji Kim

  • Lorena was an excellent teacher. She was patient and explained grammar in a clear way.
  • Viele Konversation auf Deutsch, nicht so viele Spiele, sehr gute Lehrerin.
  • Mir hat die sehr gute Atmosphäre gefallen. Lorena ist wirklich sehr nett und gute Lehrerin.
  • Das gefällt mir gut, dass wir eine kleine Gruppe gehabt haben.
  • Der Kurs war insgesamt gut. Besonders die Lehrerin war sehr hilfsbereit.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Oktober 2019; Niveau A2/1, Lorena Treichler

  • Ich bin zum Majas Kurs gekommen und ich bin glücklich.
  • Ich mag unsere Lehrerin. sie beantwortet alle meine Fragen.
  • Ich habe noch nie gesehen eine Lehrerin wie Maja, sie ist die Beste!
  • Maja erklärt alles was wir nicht verstehen, sie ist sehr ruhig.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Oktober 2019; Niveau B1/2, Maja Haag

  • Alles , viele sprechen
  • Unsere Lehrerin ist sehr nett und sie hat alle fragen sehr geduldig antwortet
  • Lehrerin war super, sie hat ein gutes System zu lernen
  • Es gefällt mir, dass dieser Kur eine Wiederholung war.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Oktober 2019; Niveau B1/3, Michelle Köppel

  • The teacher tried to help us to understand every grammar
  • Repeat every grammar we learned it was helpful
  • In general I liked the way Sara prepared the lessons, so everything was easier to understand and remember
  • Sara is really a good teacher
  • Excellent teacher, very supportive and engaging. Teacher like Sara is highly recommended

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Oktober 2019; Niveau A2/1, Sara Goffredo

  • Die Lehrerin ist sehr nett und freundlich
  • Es war sehr intensive, weshalb unsere Sprachfähigkeiten sehr schnell verbessert haben.
  • Unterrichte waren sehr deutlich und interessant.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Oktober 2019; Niveau B2/1, Yvonne Räber

  • I really enjoyed Maria`s classes. Her classes are very interesting and motivating.
  • The patience of the teacher. I really enjoy Maria`s classes
  • The course helped me to gain confidence to learn German
  • The combination of the well-structured book with a good teachers who only speaks in German and promotes that the classroom do to by using games, role-plays, reading and practice.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Oktober 2019; Niveau A1/2, Maria Darnuzer

  • What I liked most was how she organizes the lessons.
  • The way of teaching. She is very professional.
  • The material and the teacher. Great school, very dynamic
  • In general the course was really good and rentable.
  • I want to continue as soon as possible, because it's good to learn here

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, November 2019; Niveau A1/1, Lucia Blandina

  • Die Lehrerin und die Klasse
  • Sehr gute Lehrerin, sehr freundlich
  • The teacher is very good and prepared, covering all the material. I am now improving so fast.
  • The teacher is prepared and friendly

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Oktober 2019; Niveau B1/1, Barbara von Holzen

  • The teacher is perfect, and the class is lovely
  • Maria ist eine grossartige Lehrerin.
  • I would be interested on an extension of the course in the future.
  • Maria is a model of a perfect teacher.
  • We have lots of communication in class.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Oktober 2019; Niveau A1/2, Maria Darnuzer