Customer feedback on general language courses

Intensive language courses in German, English and French are held every day at our training centers in Bern and Zurich. Read here what the participants think about our language courses.


- I like the rhythm, perfect for absolute beginners. I like the way Alex teaches and the way he encourages us to practice and try our best.
- The relation among students, the explanation of difficult rules and the friendly atmosphere in the room. Everything was very good. Thank you so much!
- Unterricht Rhythmus und die abwechselungsreiche Lektionen.
- Great school, course and teacher. Good course book material.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch, Zürich, Juli 2020, Niveau A1/1, Alexander Henggeler

- I find the relevant topics about life in Switzerland useful as I can put what I learn into practice. Melissa is a very competent teacher with lots of patience and understanding of language learning. This insight enables her to teach German to her students in an effective and meaningful way. My happiness with Melissa (and her teaching of the course) is one of the man reasons why I have continued with learning German at Flying Teachers.
- Meine Lehrerin ist sehr professionell. Sie hat mir viele Sachen erklärt.
- I appreciate that you have these courses available online, so that even during these “Covid” times, I can still part and learn

- Hybrid Intensivkurs Deutsch, Zürich, Juli 2020, Niveau A2/1, Melissa Fritschi

The teacher allowed us to use the language a lot. Interesting and honest conversations were part of the activities every day. Having the chance to actively use what we learn is very important for me.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch, Zürich, Juli 2020, Niveau B1/1, Petya Angelova

- Wir haben viel mit dem Buch gearbeitet
- Ich war sehr glücklich mit dem Onlinekurs, weil ich den Kurs irgendwo teilnehmen konnte, ich bin sowohl in den Ferien als auch zu Hause. Ich möchte gern Onlinekurs weitermachen.

- Hybrid Intensivkurs Deutsch, Zürich, Juli 2020, Niveau C1/2, Hermina Kluber

- Daily exercises homework, virtual classes, etc....
- The structure of the lessons
- The teacher was really good.

- Hybrid Intensivkurs Deutsch, Zürich, Juli 2020, Niveau A1/1, Angela Privitera

- Sehr gute Atmosphäre und Organisation. Interessanter Unterrichtsansatz und sehr guter Lehrer.
- Interaction zwischen dem Lehrer Martin und den Teilnehmern hat mir gut gefallen.
- Die Dynamik der Klasse hat mir sehr gefallen. Sehr guter Lehrer
- Der Kurs war sehr gut zu sprechen. Viele Grammatik gut erklärt und freundliche Stimmung.
- Sehr guter und motivierter Lehrer
- Martin ist der beste Lehrer. Wir haben viel gesprochen und er hat immer unsere Fehler korrigiert.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch, Zürich, Juli 2020, Niveau B2/1, Martin Sigg

- I feel I learned more words to build better sentences. I liked that we were not many participants in the course. I felt that I spoke and read enough. I like that we practice a lot of listening too.
- Ich mag den Kurs sehr. Unser Lehrer erzählt den Schüler sehr gut. Wir haben viel von ihm gelernt.
- Der Lehrer ist sehr gut. Er spricht langsam und ich habe alles sehr gut verstanden.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch, Zürich, Juli 2020; Niveau A2/1, René Egloff

- Very happy that I started this course. It's a very nice place to study.
- The teacher and his learning methodology.
- The way he explains and teaches.
- It is great that we can mix the presence and the online lessons.

- Hybrid Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Juni 2020; Niveau A1/1, Marcus Birnstiel

The teacher is absolutely organized. He has planned all the classes before. He has given us some extra exercises.
A relaxed learning atmosphere.

- Hybrid Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Juni 2020; Niveau B1/2, Fabio Tschudi

- The teacher wrote and explained difficult words.
- The group and the teacher are extremely friendly! I loved it
- The teacher enforced us to speak in German and explained the unknown words
- Die Lehrerin ist sehr gut
- Book, material and the teacher were very good

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Juni 2020; Niveau B1/2, Adriana Martínez

- I really liked the way in like everything was in order and it was really good planned.
- I don’t have any complains of the course.
- I do think it’s a really good way for us as exchange students to have this type of classes, because it really help us in the development of the language and it’s even better when the teacher is a really good at teaching.
- I really like how the course is so well organize, and how the teacher manages time so well and explains every topic in a very good way. I think the course explains a lot of important topics in a very productive way.
- I have to say the teacher is very well prepared, she demonstrated her importance for us to learn, and she was always asking if we have any questions for her to explain. In addition, despite the course was trough a screen, the teacher really show emotion while explaining and I really got a sense of being in a classroom. The teacher overall really knows how to explain in a very good way for us to understand and I really like how she incorporates every student during the lessons.

- Online Intensivkurs Deutsch, Mai 2020; Niveau A2/1, Katja Stämpfli

- The dynamism of the classes and the good treatment of the teacher to the student.
- I quite like it, there are good dynamics, a good treatment from the teacher to the student, the class is easy to understand and very explanatory.
- I have nothing to say in this case, I liked everything.

- Online Semi-Intensivkurs Deutsch, Mai 2020; Niveau A1/1, Gabrielle Stäubli

- Die Lehrerin war immer geduldig und verständnisvoll. Die Gruppe hat gut zusammengearbeitet
- Die Lehrerin ist sehr nett und erklärt alles perfekt
- Barbara ist sehr motivierend. In der Klasse haben wir so viel Gespräche gemacht, das finde ich sehr wichtig. Wir lieben sie!
- Barbara ist sehr klar in ihren Lektionen und immer bereit zu wiederholen, falls etwas nicht klar ist

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Oktober 2019; Niveau B1/1, Barbara von Holzen

- Die Lehrerin ist sehr nett und freundlich.
- Es war sehr intensive, weshalb unsere Sprachfähigkeiten sehr schnell verbessert haben.
- Unterrichte waren sehr deutlich und interessant.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Oktober 2019; Niveau B2/1, Yvonne Räber

- Lorena was an excellent teacher. She was patient and explained grammar in a clear way.
- Viele Konversation auf Deutsch, nicht so viele Spiele, sehr gute Lehrerin.
- Mir hat die sehr gute Atmosphäre gefallen. Lorena ist wirklich sehr nett und gute Lehrerin.
- Das gefällt mir gut, dass wir eine kleine Gruppe gehabt haben.
- Der Kurs war insgesamt gut. Besonders die Lehrerin war sehr hilfsbereit.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Oktober 2019; Niveau A2/1, Lorena Treichler

- The teacher shows interest in our learning
- I liked the lessons, they were very interactive
- Teachers way of teaching. She explained so well.
- Great atmosphere within the classroom which made me learning easy.
- I especially liked the teacher’s way of teaching. Excellent professional

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Oktober 2019; Niveau A1/1, Inji Kim

- Unser Lehrer und die Art wie er unsere Zweifel löst.
- It is easy to understand. The book is clear and easy to follow.
- Everything was good, easy to understand. The teacher goes by a good pace and he is helpful and explains very well

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Oktober 2019; Niveau A2/2, Hesat Selami

Claudia is an exceptional teacher. She is always very well prepared for the classes which have a great flow. The exercises she provides are pertinent, fun and really help us in learning and absorbing. She takes effort to coach individual students in problems, yet manages our large class very well. I was in two different schools in Zürich before and I have decided to stay at Flying Teachers thanks to her exceptional teaching.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Mai 2019; Niveau A2/2, Claudia Balde

I liked Nadine’s classes very much. She is very patient and explains very well. The classes are very structured and very good organized.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Mai 2019; Niveau B1/1, Nadine Villiger

I loved this course. Nadine is a great teacher , she explains everything in a very clear manner and always corrects my mistakes. It was really a pleasure to study with her.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Mai 2019; Niveau B1/3, Nadine Villiger

The teacher was very intrested in our learning process. She always offers to help and tools so we could understand everything. I am very happy with her.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Mai 2019; Niveau A1/1, Madeleine Hümbelin

I like the course structure and it was in right pace for me. I really enjoyed the course.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Mai 2019; Niveau B1/1, Alexandre Arcaro

Numerous additional sheets with grammar are very helpful.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Mai 2019; Niveau A2/2, Michelle Köppel

Nice teacher, nice participants, classes had a positive vibe. There was always room for questions.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, Mai 2019; Niveau B1/1, Marcus Birnstiel