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I must say, I am so impressed with the courses and resources that Flying Teachers provides. My brother taught for many years as a teacher at another prominent language teaching company from Switzerland, and he had to create most of the material himself, whereas I open up the lesson plan, and there's even a quizlet study set to match the activities! Awesome!
- D. Gerster


September 9 - "Knabenschiessen"

Because of the Zurich "Knabenschiessen", our offices at Universitätsstrasse 86 and Löwenstrasse 20 are open on Monday, September 9, only from 8:00 to 12:00. In the afternoon the administration remains closed.


Flying Teachers will be in the heart of Zurich from 1st of July on:
Yes, we are moving our headquarters to 20 Löwenstrasse.

The building at 86 Universitaetstrasse will continue being used as a training centre. In both locations, there will be front offices and from now on you will be able to book and pay for courses in both venues.

As our main office will be moving to Löwenstrasse from 20 June to 1 July 2019, there might be delays in dealing with some requests in the period. Please accept our apologies in advance for any inconvenience that this might cause.

Soon we will inform you about the open house day that we will organize for you.

We already look forward to welcoming you at this event.


Cambridge English TKT Preparation Course

Course will focus on:
Exam Tasks that aim to prepare you for the TKT Modules
English Teaching Methodology focusing on key principles related to the Teaching of English as a foreign language (This part of the course is very practical and aims to prepare you for the job market)

The Teaching Knowledge Test (The TKT) is a test developed by Cambridge English Assessment for teachers who teach other languages. It is designed to test candidates‘ knowledge of concepts related to language and language use, and the backgraound to and practice of language teaching and learning.

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