Flying Teachers offers support for schoolchildren in all school subjects and levels. This «classic tutoring» is tailored specifically towards your child’s strengths and weaknesses. We can provide support in specific areas or assistance in dealing with homework. We can support your child at all times and in all areas.

In private tuition, you define the time, day and location of lessons. We can teach individual students anywhere in Switzerland. Depending on your wishes and needs, we can teach a fixed number of lessons or offer more longer-term support for your child. Leassons wich were booked and comfirmed with definite dates cannot be canceled, postponed or trasformed into other leassons.

Our repetition courses are directed towards schoolkids in the 6th, 7th and 8th schoolyears. They are designed to revise the material your child has had in the previous schoolyear, offering more self-confidence for your child when the new schoolyear starts.

Is your child about to take an exam and the material just won’t sit? Our teaching crew is ready to offer you support in understanding the material to be tested and offer important tips on dealing with exam questions. We are also happy to work on the list of questions and learning targets from your child’s school.

Materials to prepare for Swiss Gymi

Are you starting an apprenticeship after the summer holidays? Should you wish to refresh the most important subjects to make sure there are no gaps left before starting your apprenticeship, then get in contact with us!

«Fit for the BMS» courses are suited to all youngsters who have passed their entrance exam and would like to benefit from a relaxed entry into a vocational apprenticeship with BMS.

Probationary support is designed to make the entry into a new class or school easier. We can deal with open questions, go into more detail and develop learning strategies. We offer probationary support for youngsters in the 1st secondary school class and the Gymi.

Good knowledge of German is decisive for a successful apprenticeship. We perform a placement test with your child, and should gaps appear, we can concentrate on resolving them. This will increase long-term success in your child’s upcoming career.

We organize this course tailor-made for interested parties, please fill out our contact form.

Experience shows that kids who understand material but perform poorly in exams due to stress. Here we can offer your child useful support. Our Flying Teachers competence team concentrates on the following areas: avoiding blackouts, overcoming exam fright, and improving concentration.

Free orientation tests – Where am I?

Orientation tests for German, French and mathematics are available online and free of charge.
Suitable for primary, secondary and high school students.

These online orientation tests evaluate where the student is in the classroom. Based on this, support measures can be planned as required and fabric gaps can be deliberately closed.

Instructions - Access for Orientation Tests (English)

We are happy to provide you with further details and information:
Tel: 044 350 33 44