Basic Skills

Subsidised language courses (French, German, Italian), IT and Mathematics.

Take advantage of subsidised, work-based further education.

What are basic skills at the workplace?

In order to master situations at work, basic competence in reading, writing, languages, basic maths and dealing with digital tools is required. For example:

  • Receiving orders
  • Simple computer use
  • Completing work reports electronically
  • Discussing technical problems and passing on orders
  • Understanding written directives or work plans
  • Registering measurements and product codes
  • Following dosage directives

Well educated and motivated staff are important for the company’s future!

What support does the federal government offer?

15.- CHF per lesson and participating person. 3000.- CHF for the development of a new course

Facts and Figures:

  • Courses take place during working hours or are regarded as being such.
  • Length of course: 20-40 lessons
  • Group has space for 6 to 12 participants

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