Si vous souhaitez enseigner l’anglais en disposant d’un certificat internationalement reconnu, c’est CELTA qu’il vous faut ! Le Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults s’adresse à des personnes n’ayant pas ou peu d’expérience d’enseignement et leur permet d’enseigner dans le monde entier.

«Teaching English as a Foreign Language» (TEFL) ainsi que «Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages» (TESOL) sont des appellations courantes pour désigner les cours d’anglais pour les locuteurs étrangers. CELTA est le seul diplôme reconnu dans le monde entier.

La formation CELTA se déroule en anglais.

Flying Teachers offre aux participants du cours Celta la possibilité d'acquérir de l'expérience en classe grâce à un stage rémunéré et de suivre un cours par eux-mêmes. Cela offre aux participants une bonne connaissance du domaine de travail en tant que professeur de langues et peut appliquer de manière pratique les approches théoriques qu'ils ont apprises pendant le cours.

Profitez de l'occasion!

Si vous êtes intéressé par un tel stage, veuillez nous contacter directement: cambridgeenglish@flyingteachers.com

CELTA-Courses with Flying Teachers

Flying Teachers offers full-time CELTA courses. The course will teach you the principles of effective teaching and a range of practical skills for teaching English to adult learners. You will have hands-on teaching practice, observe experienced teachers in the classroom and complete four practically focused written assignments.

Our courses are designed to help you gain the certificate and make the course an enjoyable learning experience. Our CELTA Centre trainers have a reputation of being supportive and helpful: More than 500 teachers have done the CELTA with us.

The CELTA is both a challenging and a professionally rewarding experience. Trainees should be prepared to devote hours of study/research outside the training sessions each week. It is highly recommended that candidates have no other commitments during this time.

You will be assessed throughout the course, with no final examination. An external assessor, appointed by Cambridge ESOL, moderates each course.

Flying Teachers has been organizing CELTA courses since 2002 and we hire and have hired lots of English teachers through CELTA. Please refer to the last page of the application form for CELTA to understand the Flying Teachers Supervised Teaching Practice Programme (STP).

  • The aim of the STP programme is to provide the Flying Teachers CELTA graduates with an opportunity to acquire a minimum of 80 teaching hours in a supported environment. The trainees teach groups of adult learners, using a coursebook and following detailed course programmes prepared by the Flying Teachers Teacher Training Department.
  • The teachers get paid for taking part in this teacher training programme.
  • The teachers receive a detailed certificate of participation in the programme (Arbeitszeugnis) describing what they have done during the month. Participating in STP does not mean that the candidate will be hired by Flying Teachers.
  • Our Quality Management Department and class observations will enable us to assess the success of the programme and the suitability of the new teacher to become a Flying Teacher. Based on that, the teacher might immediately become a member of our staff. This means that the teacher will have access to our intranet, being able to apply for the teaching positions we advertise on a daily basis. Our statistics show that we offer part-time teaching positions to 80% of the people who take part in the STF.

I liked the balance of honest assessment with the emotional support and understanding. It was a very supportive learning evironment and was very rigorous at the same time. An excellent experience all around. I have no major or even minor complaints. The course was described accurately to me from the beginning of the selection process. There were no surprises.

- Mical Lewis (Celta November 2019)