In unseren Trainingszentren in Bern und Zürich finden jeden Tag Intensive Sprachkurse in Deutsch, Englisch und Französisch statt. Lesen Sie hier, was die Teilnehmer über unsere Sprachkurse denken.

  • Der Kurs war wie für mich bestimmt.
  • Way of teaching and easy to learn.
  • Very useful language teaching for daily life.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, November 2018; Niveau A1/1

  • Sara always promoted a nice Atmosphere in the calss
  • Sara made the lessons fun and enjoyable.
  • I liked the teacher. We had so much fun during the course, but in the same time I felt that my German has improved a lot. The teacher knew how to teach us in a funny way.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, November 2018; Niveau B1/2

  • Unsere Lehrerin war sehr hilfsbereich.
  • I liked that we had a WhatsApp group in which the teacher could cordinate our homework and other tasks.
  • The activities were diversified and very interesting. The grammar part was easy explained and was allsow easy to understand.
  • The course was presentet in a informational and engaging manner. Time was taken to make sure that every one understood the subject. I felt very encouraged and informed.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, November 2018; Niveau A2/1

  • The teacher could explain very good and she ask what we didn’t understand and explained the parts which we didn’t understand.
  • The teacher tought at a suitable pace and she was very patient when repeating the grammaticalrules.
  • I am learning German in a very enjoyable way.
  • My class mates where very friendly and positiv in answering question. The atmosphere was really good.

- Intensivkurs Deutsch Zürich, November 2018; Niveau A2/1